A friendly face on all platforms

Java looks beautiful on all major platforms. Just take a look…

This is an ordinary JavaFX application:

A plain JavaFX application

Here, we see the same business logic with a native Android ui:

Native Android ui

Now, the business logic baked in a Gluon Mobile app… First, on Android:

Gluon app on Android

And now on iOS:

Gluon app on iOS

Awesome, right?

One more thing… Java business logic, with native iOS ui; built with Multi-OS Engine

Java business logic, native iOS ui

Check out the sources on GitHub.

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Trouble baseline aligning RadioButtons?

Do you want to achieve something like this…

Screenshot: properly baseline aligned RadioButtons

… but keep getting something like this…

Screenshot: not properly aligned RadioButtons

Then, please check out my answer on Stack Overflow.