On editing fxml files with custom components in Scene Builder

Trying to open a .fxml file of a Gluon Mobile sample application in Scene Builder failed...

...for obvious reasons...

com.gluonhq.charm.glisten.mvc.View is no standard JavaFX control.

To make that class known to Scene Builder we just need to put it on its classpath. Right? The following screenshots describe a workaround when using NetBeans. If there are other, less archaic approaches, I'd love to hear them.

First we need the .jar file.

Now comes the interesting part. How to tell Scene Builder?

There is a config file called SceneBuilder.cfg. On my Windows machine it's situated in C:\Users\tkuen\AppData\Local\SceneBuilder\app.

Just quit Scene Builder and then put the fully qualified path right beside app.classpath=

Here is how Scene Builder will render another .fxml file contain Glisten controls. 

I do not consider myself a Scene Builder expert, so I may be missing a simpler solution. Also, it would be great to have custom components in the palette. Need to check that. Again, any hint is greatly appreciated.

Added Gluon-Port to OpenWeatherMapWeather

Yesterday I introduced you to a new repo of mine, which contains the same app for different platforms. Today I have added a Gluon port. The app as such is rather small. What is important about it is to see similarities as well as differences of the implementations.

Next on the agenda is a UWP app.