Activating the demo user

Android 7.1 will bring us a new UserManager-method called isDemoUser(). According to the docs…

Checks if the calling app is running in a demo user. When running in a demo user, apps can be more helpful to the user, or explain their features in more detail.

But… how to I activate a demo user? If this is common knowledge, please feel free to let me know.

Winking smile

Anyway, I figured out how to activate demo mode in the Android emulator:

  1. Activate the developer options by clicking on the Build number on the About emulated device page seven times
  2. Open the Developer options page
  3. Click on Demo mode

This shows a page with the same title:

Screenshot: Demo mode settings page


When a piece of cake is turning round

Not so long ago a couple of Google apps became piece of cake – sort of, that is.


Funny to see that in Android 7.1 icons will turn round. Sorry, but I could not resist the pun.


BTW, Android Studio 2.2.2 helps creating round icons with an updated Image Asset Wizard:

Image Asset Wizard in Android Studio 2.2.2